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Hope you seen news articles about Step by step guide how to make a website ranking in Google search engine. But this article will guide you how to make A website ranking in Google search engine. Our step by step guide will help in starting a small business website and content writing to get website ranking. However, you can go to Google for step by step guide to learn how to make A website ranking for SEO.  Here in this step by step guide, I’ll focus on how to make A website ranking on Google search engine for free.

Step by Step Guide How to Make A Website Ranking in Google Search Engine

I’m going to share 50 Tips and Tricks in this step by step guide for how to make A website ranking on Google search engine for free. However, its up to you that you’ll go through my step by step guide or will  Survey on Google search. But you still can do some even more Online Survey on Google search if you need.

How to Make A Website Ranking in Google Search Engine

First of all, you need to read complete step by step guide. So you get idea for how to make A website ranking on Google search engine for free. I can guarantee you to get website ranking in a days if you follow according to my step by step guide.

You can get your website on top of the Google search like  as mine Ozford Cadets Media. If you try to starting a small business news websites then must follow for search Google. No need to do any search engine marketing or hire SEO services for your website Google search engine. Lets go through Step by Step Guide for Website Ranking in Google Search Engine. However, place comments below if still have any question on how to make a website ranking in Google search engine.

Step by Step Guide for Website Ranking in Google Search Engine

Here you need to go through all steps for website ranking in Google Search Engine without any investment. Your website meta keywords will come in Google search engine day by day. This will easy ways for you if you complete all steps in my Step by Step Guide. Join Oxford Cadets Media and Local News website for even more knowledge to learn how to make money from home.

20 Steps to get Website Ranking in Google Search Engine

  1. Start best Keyword Research for your website.
  2. Take best meta keywords for your website.
  3. Select meta tags for your website
  4. Include meta keywords and meta tags in your meta description.
  5. Make page title according to your website meta tags and meta keywords.
  6. Start article writing for relevant to your website content marketing.
  7. Add to your website images photos
  8. Search copyright free images for your articles.
  9. img tag to your website images.
  10. Check your article through Keyword volume checker before post it.
  11. Check your article through online plagiarism checker free tools before post it.
  12. Grammar Check before post it.
  13. Choose best website design to post it.
  14. Update Your Content Regularly.
  15. Use Google Webmaster Tools for website analysis.
  16. Submit url to google index and google PageRank.
  17. Google test for website mobile friendly test.
  18. Website Broken link checker tools.
  19. Use Social media marketing for digital marketing result.
  20. Free seo marketing and seo optimization free seo tools.

Step by Step Guide for How to Make A Website Ranking

1 Step: Start best Keyword Research for your website

The easy way to get start best keyword list research for your website is Google Planner free tools. However, another Free adwords keyword tool is Word Stream. Also, Google keyword planner and adwords keyword planner makes it easy to find the essential keywords. Keyword research helping in running traffic through this organic and paid search. Find also new keywords for your software or website SEO Optimization. So that your keyword and the relevant country results are found instead of the country

2 Take best meta keywords for your website

The meta tag that’s on every web page page does not matter. Notice that this is a meta tag small list. These’re only one that are in your web page. You can only work with them to get the site ranked fast.

  • Meta Content Type – This tag is also important to announce your role for your page to present on every page. Exit this can affect how your page is in the browser. However, few options are below, but your web designer should know what’s better for your website.


HTML 4.01: <meta http-equiv=”content-type” content=”text/html; charset=UTF-8″>

HTML5: <meta charset=”UTF-8″>


  • Title – While title tag does not start with “meta”, it is in the header and contains information that’s very important for SEO. You should always have a unique title tag on every web page that describes the page. Check out this example title tag.
<title>HTML Reference</title>
  • Meta description – The description tag of the infamous meta used for an important purpose: as they describe the search page as they read through SERPs. This tag does not affect classification, but it’s very important. Keep meta description tag within 160 characters, and write to catch user attention. Sell ​​Page – Click on them results. On meta’s description it’s a great article that goes into more detail. Must add your meta keywords list and meta tags to meta description.
<meta name=”description” content=”Free Web tutorials”>
  • viewport – However, In this mobile world, you should specify the passport. If you do not, you run the risk of poor mobile experience and Google PageSpeed ​​Insights Tool will tell you more about this. The standard tag is:
<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″>
  • Meta Keyword tag: The keyword meta tag lists use for keyword search of your website. The entered keywords here should reflect any word or phrase that Internet users can use to Google search engine or any best search engine the site. Although many search engines stopped incorporating this tag in their classification procedures. However, it’s still good idea to add meta keywords tag before sending a page.
<meta name=”keywords” content=” Your website SEO Keywords list, website ranking, keyword planner, like as step by step guide for google ranking”>

3. Select Meta Tags for Your Website

Let me show you  how to adding meta tags to your website. However, the Meta Keyword tag or Meta tag is an HTML tag that includes search engine information about website. Meta tag alerts to the desired engine or keyword’s website content in order to include search results for the meta tag applicants.

How to add Meta Tags to your HTML website?

Follow to add meta tags to your website through my Step by step guide.

        1. Open a text editing program, such as Notepad in your laptop.
        2. Log in to your own web hosting account provided by your website hosting provider.
        3. Now in the text editor, open the website page to which you want to add meta tags.
        4. In the part of the opened file, insert the meta content. This is an example of the correct placement of meta tags for Media and Local News Website:
        5. After adding also save file and update to your website.

        <meta charset=”UTF-8″/>
        <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1″>
        <title>Oxford Cadets Media Local News Depicts </title>                                                            <meta name=”Description” content=”Oxford Cadets Media and Local News depicts saghri and bangikhel Tribes. We help in providing Government Jobs links with joblink employment website, job search websites links, multi local vendor portal eCommerce platform. SEO marketing Insurance keywords list for Google Adsense alternatives earning to Make money online”>                                              <meta name=”keywords” content=”Oxford Cadets Media and Local News, SEO Services for website ranking, Free step by step guide”>


How to add Meta Tags to your WordPress website?

  1. Open your WordPress website’s admin Dashboard page.
  2. Go to Appearance and click on editor.
  3. Find Theme Header (header.php) file in your active Theme Files Open your Theme Header (header.php) file.
  4. Now find <head> </head> in your Theme Header (header.php) file.
  5. Add Meta Tag in your Theme Header (header.php) after <head> and before </head> section.
  6. Save your heme Header (header.php) file.
  7. Your Theme Header (header.php) file will look also like as below:
    <meta charset=”<?php bloginfo( ‘charset‘ ); ?>”/>
    <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1″>
    <title>Oxford Cadets Media Local News </title>
    <meta name=”Description” content=”Oxford Cadets Media and Local News . We also help in providing Government Jobs links with joblink employment website. You can also get job search websites links, multi local vendor portal ecommerce platform at Oxford Cadets. SEO Services for website, SEO marketing Insurance keywords list for Google adsense alternatives earning to Make money online also available “><meta name=”keywords” content=”Oxford Cadets Media and Local News, SEO Services for website ranking, Free step by step guide”>

4. Include meta keywords and meta tags in your meta description

Furthermore, for getting fast Google ranking result must add your Meta tags and Meta Keywords to your Meta Description. After adding meta keywords and Meta Tags to your Meta Description of  your meta tags will look as below:


<title>Oxford Cadets Media Local News</title>

<meta name=”Description” content=”Oxford Cadets Media and Local News. We also help in Your website SEO Keywords list. Providing Government Jobs links with joblink employment website. You can also get job search websites links, multi local vendor portal ecommerce platform at Oxford Cadets. SEO Services for website ranking, like as Free step by step guide for google ranking. Google SEO marketing Insurance keywords list for Google adsense alternatives earning to Make money online also available “>                                                                                                           <meta name=”keywords” content=”Oxford Cadets Media and Local News, SEO Services for website ranking, Free step by step guide”>


5. Make Page Title According to Your Website Meta Tags and Meta Keywords

Page title is one of the elements is the website SEO. The page title, or title tag, is the main text that also describes a web page. Also, it’s second element of Search Engine Optimization on the most important page (behind the content of its main body). It’s the SEO element easier to edit and appears also in three key places.

What’s a Page title tag?

The search engine results pages (SERP) are the pages that search engines display in response to a search engine query. The main component of the SERP is the list of results returned by the search engine in response to a keyword query, although the pages may also contain other results such as ads.

Here is an example of code for page title. <head> <title> Your website Sample page title </ title> </ head>

Optimal format
Finally, Optimum length of the page title. Usually, Google displays the first 50 to 60 characters of a title tag. …

  • Search engine results pages …
  • Web browser …
  • Social Network. …
  • Look at your page title length. …
  • Add your keyword to your page title.

6. Start Article Writing for Relevant to Your Website Content Marketing

To get fast result in Google search must start article writing for your website relevant content marketing. You not can write on dogs if your website content marketing will starting a small business website for Gold. However, you can easily start article about how to starting a small business for Gold. Because Google also like relevant website content for your Google ranking. So also focus on your article which must relevant to your website content marketing.

Furthermore, you must add your Best SEO Keywords to your website content marketing. Therefore, you can add your best SEO Keywords up to 2.5 percent of your article.

7. Add to your website images photos

This can be first step to create and customize the website design. Adding text, include images that bring your website to even more life. There’re a few ways to add website images photos to your pages. Website images element, slide show, photo gallery, image slider and background images also helping to engage visors.

8. Search Copyright Free Images for Your Articles

You can also Search copyright free images for your articles. However, other option also available for you to edit some copyright free images for your articles through photo shop. Search copyright free images for your articles on Google search engine. A lot of copyright free images for your articles also available on Internet.

9. img tag to your website images

Also add img tag to your website images before post it. Your img tag to your website images code is here.

<!DOCTYPE html>

<img src=”smiley.gif” alt=”Smiley face” width=”42″ height=”42″>


10. Check your article through Keyword volume checker before post it

Furthermore, must check your article through Keyword volume checker before post it. A lot of Keyword volume checker, Google keyword tool , plagiarism checker free and plagiarism detector tools available on Internet. Find also plagiarism software to check your article before post it.

11. Check your article through online plagiarism checker free tools before post it

Also check your article with online plagiarism free tools before you post it. You’ll able to fix all plagiarism issues with online plagiarism free tools.Your article can get fast Google ranking in Google search engine if no any plagiarism in your article.

12. Grammar Check before post it

Also check all Grammar mistakes with online Grammar tools before post it. therefore many free Grammar Checking tools available for Grammar Check before post it.

13. Choose best website design to post it

Also choose best website design for your website according to your website platform. A best website design also help in getting even more business.

How do I choose a good website builder in 2019?

According to my experience in website developing, you can easy choose the best Website builder in 2019 (Compared) lets compare top ten best website builder eCommerce website 

  1. for wordpress blog.
  2. Wix is best for developing wix website.
  3. Shopify apps can help in best eCommerce website with shopify themes.
  4. BoldGrid is best website builder.
  5. Weebly can we use for free website design.
  6. squarespace can help you in developing best squarespace websites with squarespace website design.
  7. iPage Website Builder is also best web design software.
  8. GoDaddy Website Builder can we use with GoDaddy Website hosting package.
  9. provide free wordpress templates for wordpress blogs.
  10. Zen Cart is also best website builder for eCommerce website.

14. Update Your Content Regularly

Must know that people want to read new articles for getting even more knowledge. Due to people demand, you need to update your content regularly. You can also get fast Google ranking if your website provide regular updates. Focus also on your content writing styles to engaging more visitors on your website. More visitors on your website means even more Google Ranking and business too.

15. Use Google Webmaster Tools for website analysis

Google Webmaster Tools for website analysis will boot your website in Google Search Engine day by day.  You can use also Google Webmaster Tools for free. Without website analysis never can you get good result in Google search engine. Also use webmastertool like as google analytics, Google Search Console, Google Highlighter and Google AdWords Keyword Tool.
Furthermore, also use Google AdWords, Google, Keyword Tool, Google Alerts, Google Blog Search, Google Books, Google Calendar for fast result.

16. Submit url to Google index and Google PageRank

After published article must you submit your page url to Google for indexation  and Google PageRank result. Your page not can come on Google search until you submit url to Google index. Its also free to index, all you need to follow as below.

  1. Open your your Search Console account
  2. Log in to Google Search Console.
  3. Navigation on cross-border flexibility as Google.
  4. Take the URL you want to index and paste it in the search bar.
  5. Submit url to Google Indexation.
  6. Use your url for Fetch as Google like as your-website-post=url/ (without your main website)
  7. Click on the Battery button.
  8. After Google gets the website URL.
  9. submit it to the index.
  10. click for indexations.

17. Google test for website mobile friendly test

Your website must mobile friendly. However, you can check your website through Google Mobile Friendly Test tools. Mobile friendly test tool will check your website for mobile friendly. However you can hire someone for mobile friendly configurations at

18. Website Broken link checker tools

Fix all broken links through online broken link checker tools for free. However, there you can check upto 1000 links for free.

19. Use Social media marketing for digital marketing result

Also use social media marketing for have quick digital marketing result. Also share your new posts on social media like as Face book, twitter, Linkdin and Instagram for getting digital marketing result. Sharing on social media free for all where you can get fast digital marketing result through social media marketing. However, you can hire some social social media marketing expert for promoting your website content.

20. Free SEO Marketing and SEO Optimization free seo tools

Free seo marketing will best way for your website SEO Optimization. You can get benefits in getting fast Google ranking through free SEO Tools.

Check your website Rank in Google

Google also provide free tools for your webpage Rank checking. Visit Google Free tool to choose Google Page Ranks in Google ranking. You can check free your domain Extras, Links, and more more World Ranks too!

Furthermore, Google PageRank (Google PR) is one of free methods that Google uses to determine the value of the page.

NOTE: You can finally edit your Meta Tags according to your website Meta Tags. Must you do work according to Step by Step Guide How to Make A Website Ranking in Google Search Engine. This can be easy way to get fast Google ranking in Google result.

In Conclusion of Step by Step Guide How to Make A Website Ranking

I’m sure now you got idea for how to make a website ranking in Google search engine. Because you went through step by step guide which designed for learning how to make a website ranking in Google. I’ll glad if you place comments in case you still have any question to know how to Google keyword ranking. Shortly, will come back along with answer to your Google keyword ranking question.

Thanks for visiting article about Step by step guide how to make a website ranking in Google search engine. Never, you can get fast ranking in search engine until you follow Google Policy. Because Good like only quality content.

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