Online College Classes Designing and Effective Learning Activities

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Online College Classes Designing and Effective Learning Activities. Active learning is not any new concept for online college classes program or for traditional colleges students activities, it the fun learning phenomena of educational programs or the knowledge gaining inspiring techniques strategies based on scientific teaching methodological ways and multiple role of activities for the different thoughts families and cultures students we teach or develop them for future career. It’s been derived from two basic assumptions.

Online College Classes Designing and Effective Learning Activities

(1) That learning is by nature, an effective or active endeavor
(2) That different people learn in variety of awesome ways. When we discuss about an active learning in
the online college classes rooms teaching, it is with the understanding that lecture is still important, the
foundation knowledge required for any worldwide online college classes or the distance learners /
students to be able to engage for higher level thinking is essential.

Effective Learning Activities

However, for the sake of maintaining online college classes program, student’s interest, and facilitating
meaningful, and eventually self-directed learning, it can be very helpful to vary the teaching and learning
activities, we or even anyone employ in the online college classes rooms. It’s likely that you are already
using scientific methodological teaching and skills learning techniques for any online college classes
room lecture to groom the online college classes students or the distance learners.

That will really help online college classes students to engage in variety of awesome skills learning
activity actively with the concepts you are teaching, and there are still more ways to expand the learning
experiences you create. While teaching and attending the online college classes students programs,
some very low risk, some more complex, but all can be effective, especially if you establish this pattern of
interaction from the first day of your course for any online college classes program. Learning is an
amazing artful fun.

Online College Classes Designing

And it must be active for every online college classes learners, and well constructive to motivate,
concentrate and work as a flame spark to sharp each online college classes program learners mind’s
processing. It must be designed to instill the brain of online college classes program learning pupils and
groom them with, a new knowledge that is their real practical successful life need and or requirement and
is acquired in relation to previous knowledge, any information becomes more meaningful when it is
presented in some type of framework to the learners of online college classes students.

Pro-motive Learning Activities:

There are a wide range of such activities which may be used for both inside and outside the online
college classes program student sitting rooms that can promote their active learning. This will concentrate
the attention of online college classes each student program concentration. While each discipline has
traditional ways of teaching certain subject matter, and activities used in seminars and large lectures may
vary, the concept of "active learning".
It applies in every discipline, in every online college classes (size) of students. The types of activities you
choose to awake the minds of online college classes activity for learners, however it may be more
applicable in some types of technical courses than others.

Online College Classes For Special Students:

Online college classes of special students may also learn a lot of creative skills through their participation
in the attainment of knowledge by gathering information and processing it by solving problems and
articulating what they have discovered.  Each activity below provides online college classes learning
students with opportunities to deepen their learning by applying concepts and articulating new knowledge
and many of these activities also provide the instructor feedback about the students’ learning in any
online college classes program of class overall assessment program.

Entry/Exit Tickets

Entry and Exit tickets are short prompts that provide the professional instructors of online college classes
program, with a quick student diagnostic. These exercises can be also collected on 3” x 5” cards, small
pieces of soft papers, or online through a survey or online college classes program or course management

Entry tickets: Focus online college classes students attention on the day’s topic or ask online college
classes students to recall background knowledge relevant to the day’s lesson, based on the readings &
understanding of online college classes learning pupils.
Exit tickets:  Collect feedback on online college classes program students’ understanding at the end of
a online college classes period and provide the online college classes students with an opportunity to
reflect on what they have learned.  They can be helpful in prompting the online college classes program
student to begin to synthesize and integrate the information gained during a class period.

Advantages of entrance and exit tickets include:

Participation of each online college classes program student, prompt for students to focus on key
concepts and ideas, a high return of information for the amount of time invested, important feedback for
the instructor that can be useful to guide teaching decisions (like course pacing, quick clarification of
small misunderstandings, identification of online college classes program learners personal interests and
questions etc).

Learn more about Entry & Exit tickets With Examples.

Free Writing/Minute Paper/Question of the Day Exercise
These are activities that may prompt online college classes learner program student to write a response
to an open question and can be done at any time during a class.  Writing special sort of activities are
usually 1-2 minutes, and can focus on key questions and ideas or ask online college classes program
students to make predictions.
These activities give online college classes program students the opportunity to organize their own
thoughts, or can be collected by the teacher to know more and can gain extra feedback knowledge from
the online college classes program students.  Advantages include developing online college
classes program learners’ i.Q-skills capabilities to think holistically and critically, and improving their
writing skills.

Learn even more about one-minute papers and see examples.

Ice Breakers
Ice Breakers are low-stakes activities that get online college classes program students to interact and talk
to each other, and encourage subsequent online college classes learners or students more mutual
interactions.  They can be more useful at the beginning of the semester for example, asking online college
classes program students to introduce themselves to each other and what they would like to learn in the
specified course.
Advantages of icebreakers include the participation of each online college classes weakest student, the
creation of a sense of community and focusing online college classes students’ attention on material that
will be covered during the class period.
Think-Pair Sharing Activities role:


This type of activity first asks online college classes program students to consider a question on their
own, and then provides an opportunity for all online college classes program students to discuss it in
pairs, and finally together with the whole online college classes gathering.
The success of such activities only depends on the nature of the questions posed, and it works ideally with
questions to encourage deeper thinking, problem-solving, and /or critical analysis.  The group discussions
are critical as they allow much of the online college classes of special and weak base learning pupils to
articulate their thought processes.

The procedure will as followed:

1.       Pose any question, usually by writing it on the board or projecting it.
2.      Have pupils consider the question on their own (1 to 2 min).
3.      Then allow the pupils form groups of 2-3 people.
4.      Next, have learners discuss the question with their partner and share their ideas and/or
contrasting opinions (3 min).
5.       Re-group as a whole online college classes total students and solicit responses from some or all
of the pairs (3 min).

Advantages of the think-pair-share:

It includes all the engagement of any online college classes phenomenal (particularly the opportunity to
give voice to quieter students who might have difficulty sharing in a larger group), quick feedback for the
instructor (like the revelation of student misconceptions), encouragement and support for higher levels of
thinking of the online college classes program pupils.

How To apply think-pair-share Idea:

Case Studies and Problem-Based Learning Case studies are special scenarios that are especially applied for to develop the concepts learned in online college classes students in order to enable them for to tackle the critical situation in a real-life.

They are usually presented in narrative form and often involve problem-solving, links to course readings
or source materials, and discussions by online college classes groups, or the entire class.

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