Internet Digital Marketing Has Made Student Alone

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No doubt, usage of digital marketing is one of the most important, a fastest accurate, an effective way source, and the latest means of communication for us all in now a days world. No matters, we are kids students business manager or director of sales. A student living in the forest can even learn with the internet facility if he is with a great interest and enthusiastic values to earn online school college university professional degree online.

Internet Digital Marketing Has Made Student Alone

Where the digital world usages resolve our several problems with in friction of seconds, enable us all to find out the relevant information and may satisfy our soul thrust, fulfill our needs without any delay, its continuous support has become more harmful for our new generation, because they don’t want or bother to reach the library where they can search someone books. None of the students of school college university use library that help him out to motivate how can they change the world with their natural beauty of talent and skills sources being gifted be Almighty God.
The quick responses of Digital Marketing productivity has spoiled the young people, and has isolated severely because it stuck their inner mind thoughts feelings rather to be they involved in any sort of real life creativity. Mostly students around from Texas Florida USA states Houston Boston and UAE Singapore Canada Australia Germany UK are suffering with severe challenges, mental health issues and aggression or hyperactive social disorders today. Their main reason is the continuation of Digital Marketing video call, texting and e-mailing or playing with online games. Ultra Violet rays severely damage injure the students in a many ways, about which they are unaware.
Technology is the big cause held responsible for cyber crime and bullying. A continuous support involvement and usage of Internet in class today has distracted the school college university students from learning more. The students have forgotten their lives purposes and damn care about anything else, they are alive without any aim ambition goals and objectives targets.
Let to know how has technology made us all alone. In old times, there was scarcity of electrical power, students after schooling, were found in the street lights to review revise and learn their school college university lessons. With sorry to say, you will never see anyone else sitting aside a street or under a bridge light writing learning there. Yes, you may find several younger teens elsewhere using Internet connection explore and apps to share their expectations emotional desires thoughts even with an unknown far off one day friend. This abruptly waste the time of out young students, teens and general people who involved in apps like Fb Imo Line Kik WhatsApp etc.
Rather to be busy with a parent, in helping them or to learn more, the students bother to engage their own selves with different digital marketing vedio or searching YouTube. The today’s students of school college university have found a best way to utilize their leisure moments on internet. They don’t have any idea wishes and thinking of thirst to develop their personality by learning any lifelong skills that may enable them to survive an exemplary life future.
If we have our attention towards the other side of Internet. We may see the positive role of digital marketing is that there are several ways which were adopted by the users to learn virtually or earnings money and even online university degree. All it depends on for which specific purpose we are online. Without any aim it’s useless to be online for all the time. It not only spoil the money our precious time but also power of activities we perform in out daily basis routine. Hence, we ought utilize the internet for any positive role purpose that is fruitful. And could make productive efforts in an effective way with a thought to serve others around. It will definitely change our miserable life into a more comfortable easy and lead the global economic development towards the path of prosperity.
The today’s Digital Marketing with internet connection through social media apps are the main medium that has attracted the attention of young people, school college university level students. Internet amazing wondering and unbelievable attractive mysterious ways have snatched up students from learning more magically. They consider the internet environment as their soul soil feed all the time. No matter, it’s cold outside or hotness will melt their fats, they need internet connection. They are addicted fan and it seems like they will die soon as they see their package connectivity failure.
The students are required to follow up studies rules regulations to develop their leadership potential. Its the need of today’s, that young man learn for to see tomorrow morning more brilliant comfortable. And learn how to face the future challenges in an awesome way. But rather to stay firmly with a healthy mind to learn, develop their studies skills knowledge, they have no mind. They are hooked up with someone and don’t know how to skid, from chatting on Snapchat forum, fb WhatsApp, friends.
Rather to meet someone else in a person, we often use to call others around in life. Students do the same, they share their thoughts on how to get likes to lead from other in future. Majority of our global students are spending their more time on internet. It’s one of the main reason cause of their failure in their final exam. Though some of them use Internet browser and other concerned apps to fulfill their needs of study. But a lot of school college university students forget their real purpose of life. They are mentally upset, some of them are disappointed with several things. Parents who buy a computer or a touch cell phone for the children, they never check their account activities. Parents stay satisfied with the child’s previous performance and wait until the results are announced. Later the parents see their own child annual report graph below to even passing marks. It’s useless for them then to cry over spilt milk.
Education is the best way to resolve any issues problem in our life. It would work like a great sword, no doubt, but who cares about how to inspire the today’s students. A student with an amazing experience may lead his own personal family and can be an exemplary supporting member of his country society.
But with sorry to say that none around is seriously interested committed loyal and dedicated to provide the Today’s students their true potential and as well as rights. A counselling service may change the worldwide students minds and can work to inspire the hearts of learners. It’s a global students issue gradually increase the students ratio day by day. If the parents are unaware about their own child. And the principal of a school college and VC is innocent about their future students. It’s a warning message for all of us and we must know that a time will come soon. The students will be involved in criminal activities and various cyber theft. There will be no choice chance to get rid of them. Both teacher and parents are held responsible for their specific children needs and support. Or otherwise they must prepare themselves to face the tomorrow critical consequences.
Conclusion is that where internet allow us all to communicate with far off relatives friends and family members. And it’s one of the today’s most fastest effective tools to update one self with any information of his or her choice of mind. It also has spoiled the young people generation and students in a many ways. It has isolated us socially, and has hooked up badly. We often spare time to get exercise or walk through the garden passage for a while. We don’t even bother to see the passing people or our close relatives, just because we have no time to see them in a person. We ever make a call to discuss response someone. We deal quarrel with calls, and see the condition. That is we think, there is no need to meet or see someone personally. It’s only due to the reason we are alone and Internet’s digital world has made us alone..
And if someone else goes at early morning for a walk, he keeps an eye on his cell screen to view review and it looks like he can’t move ahead without a cell. What a wonderful device we have in our own personal property of hands that has isolated us socially awkwardly severely. And doesn’t allow none of us if it’s not working or its battery is dead or getting low. What do you think about will be it laid down in grave so that we could be get updated with several things around us… Thanks for your time and consideration

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